(E)Motion Captured


Artist Statement: (E)Motion Captured

In (E)Motion Captured, I continue my exploration of the figure in a more dynamic vein. Each piece is inspired by a photograph of a body captured in an active pose with an extraordinary combination of athleticism and aestheticism. The compositions consist of uncropped figures set within the boundaries of the surface, so that the entire moving form can be read and experienced in full. My concern is to convey not only the physical sensation and muscularity of the pose, but also the emotion that it elicits. My challenge lies in harnessing a kinetic figure in the still materiality of paint on paper while maintaining its vibrant dynamic.

Before I address the figure itself, I study the dynamics of the body and then begin by applying large, sweeping strokes of color to the surface. Once that is in place, I begin to draw. As I work, I continue to explore the tension between free, gestural movement and a reined-in definition of the figure’s motion. Utilizing the versatility of acrylic paint, I move from layering many thin washes of color to brushing in bold saturated tones. I let the figure dissolve into the paint itself in some areas, so that illusion is in counterpoint to the reality of pigment on surface. It is a pas de deux of representation and abstraction.