Intimate Landscapes


Artist Statement: Intimate Landscapes

In the Intimate Landscapes series, I strive to combine sensuality with spirituality in iconic figures that are both earthly and transcendent. Through drawing and painting, I allow the essential simplicity of line and color to create human landscapes that are private vistas of grand stillness. In response to the culture around us, I present the body — with all its perfect imperfections and indelible idiosyncrasies — in a fresh context, inviting the viewer to discover a new definition of beauty. This new perspective could be as profound as a new way of thinking about our own bodies, or as intimate as noticing the way a patch of light falls on a woman’s skin.

In this series, I see myself less as creator and more as observer. Working from live models, I begin by drawing — aware of the interplay between the model’s body, my observing, and my drawing — and I allow this to guide the piece. Sometimes I am so captivated by the lines of the pose that I go no further, and the finished piece is a drawing. Sometimes I become more interested in the expressive interplay of light, color and texture, and the piece becomes a painting. And other times, I become so absorbed in playing with the physical surface of the piece that the figure I began with fades into abstraction.